It’s Coming Out Season In Hollywood

Feb 1, 2011Breaking Newzzz

'My Pal' is a code word for last night's trick.

Is it me or does it feel like “coming out season” is under way in Hollywood? Since that NOH8 campaign started featuring weird straight people like Rachel Uchitel and Meghan McCain, it seems like gay stars are flying out of the closet in record speed. Ellen Degeneres paved the way for stars to see a clear path to success on television by being out and proud. That, and a few cosmetics contracts make Ellen the high-priestess of gay marketability. It used to be that stars would remain tucked away in the closet for fear of ruining their careers just by being who they were. Case in point: Liberace. The latest slew of gays to march out of the closet includes Johnny Weir, perhaps the Liberace of our time. And Ricky (tell me something I don’t know) Martin came prancing out of the closet in time for the release of his latest album. As did country singer Chely Wright. So what does this mean, being gay gives you an edge in selling yourself? That premise is as distasteful to me as being gay is to Tea Baggers, I mean, Tea Partiers.

The recent self-outing by Jeri Jewell, the star of The Facts Of Life, has me scratching my head. I am fairly well-versed on pop culture, but which character was she? The only characters that mattered were Tootie, Mindy, who kind of looked like a dyke, Blair, and Jo, who definitely looked like a dyke, complete with mullet. As for Mrs. Garrett, why did she choose to spend her life surrounded by young girls coming into their own sexuality. But really, Jeri Jewell? She was only a bit player. So, now that she is an out and proud lesbian dealing with past drug addictions, what are we supposed to–read her book? I don’t think so. Everyone that is gay and comes out of the closet has a powerful story to tell. Mine is quite fascinating, quite frankly, but I wouldn’t trouble you with those gory details. Well–who knows, if her book does well, stay tuned to I Mean…Gay?!? Click here to follow I MEAN…WHAT?!? on Twitter.

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  1. Rob Nesbitt says:

    Hi, Abe,

    I like your style and humor. As I'm sure you recognize, it is much more difficult for a male to come out of the closet. Our culture is extremely aggressive making a woman coming out relatively easy. Just this one fact points to this idea: a girl/woman can easily wear boy's/mens' clothes, but not visa-versa. I may be wrong, but I believe it is still illegal for a man to dress as a woman; at least in some states. Today most girls dress very much like boys.

    Thanks for your comments on Slate.

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