What Color Are John Boehner And Ashley Tisdale

Jan 7, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Exactly what color are Ashley Tisdale and John Boehner?

Look at these two yuckleheads and tell me what kind of skin pigment they have? Freakin’ tangerine peels? I am getting my LV trunks out and starting to pack since we have to listen to this clueless, usually-sobbing John Boehner for the next few years. Brian Williams asked Orange John in his first interview as House Speaker to name one thing that he would cut from the budget. ‘Cause we all know how fiscally prudent those Republicans are…starting with George Bush Jr…yikes. John Boehner’s response was, “I don’t have one off the top of my head.” Of course not you brain-fried-in-the-tanning bed jerk. A friend of mine used to be a volunteer in D.C. and attended several of Boehner’s annual “Beach Parties” that were in his backyard. No beach got that tan. Just a tan bed. How can Republicans claim they will cut spending and not have one, not even one item off the top of their head that they will cut? Or discuss cutting. It is astonishing how stupid the voters are who believed the Sarah Palin-ian hype which now permeates all the Republicans sound bites. What Sarah Palin has done is successfully spew utter drivel, lies and nonsense coupled with the imagery of beating and shooting innocent animals, so that now every Republican is quaking in their boots and hiding behind her apron. All those big bad Republican wolves are really nothing but a bunch of scared little boys.

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