Kardashian Kurse

Jan 13, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Kris Humphires must be dancing on the ceiling.

The lead story in the New York Post says that the Kardashians are over. Those who would pay for their services to host events or grace the covers of magazines are not taking their calls and avoiding them like the plague. Well, no kidding. However, I would like to speak in defense of the Kardashians and go on record to say—though they are endlessly annoying—that you cannot blame them for their meteoric rise to the top of the celebritard heap. Nor can you revel in their gradual demise. That action is as gross if not grosser than what the Kardashians have been accused of doing. Becoming famous for doing nothing. But it was y’all that made them that and becoming a hater of the Kardashians is being fairly unfair to them.

You can say that Kris Jenner is the Ma Barker of the klan, or as my sister says, the genius, because you have to be a genius to par-lay a blow job to a football player into a 65 million dollars treasure chest. (Lay, blow and chest being operative words here.) No, we have to look inside ourselves, or yourselves, because I NEVER bought into that nonsense. Rather, they were fodder for me from the get go. I did however say on many occasions that this idolatry of nobodies is a sign that the end of the word is nigh. I also noted that this kind of idolatry was reminiscent of the Jews in Moses’s desert when the slaves left Egypt.


It is the hypocrisy of the media, politicians, television and advertising executives, and magazine editors that have blurred the lines between what is appropriate and what is unacceptable. There is no turning back our societal clock when Father Knows Best and Emily Post were the watermark of good behavior. We glorify skanks and out of control athletes, our heroes are no longer all that super, hence this is what we have to contend with. It is kind of like that scene in the film The Ten Commandments when Moses comes down from the mountain with the tablets, only to find the people have run amok, wilding with orgies and praying to a golden calf statues (a.k.a. The Kardashians). Pack your bags kiddies… we are sure to be in the desert for 40 years.


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  1. roy says:

    yeah but she's still hosting the today show with rippa! what's that all about?

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