Kate Gosselin Will Be Dancing With The Stars

Mar 1, 2010Breaking Newzzz

So here you go….the riveting news…the following people will be on Dancing With The Stars. Starting with the most riveting women on Earth. Kate Gosselin.

Kate Gosselin is going to work on that flabby ass on Dancing With The Stars.

Next up is Buzz Aldrin. Yes, that Buzz Aldrin, the man on the moon circa 1969, and currently a fixture on the Beverly Hills social scene.

Buzz Aldrin is the new Cloris Leachman. From the moon to landing on this show...what a life.

One of my favorite people, Shannen Doherty is going to grace that stage of DWTS and do them the favor of the century.

Love her.

And here we have the obligatory sports star, Chad Ochocinco.

Chad is sporting the Snuggie here...wonder if they will replace it with a budgle beaded version.

And can you believe Jake Pavelka from The Bachelor is going to be on that show? Well, he couldn’t have possibly been living happily ever after with Vienna. He needs to go dancing around with stars in a bugle beaded top.

Jake will be twisting his fanny on the dance floor, anything to stay away from Vienna.

Other people will be some soap opera star…’cause you need those weird ass soap opera fans and another bunch of hags. Oh, right, also Pamela Anderson and Nicole Scherzinger. All I can say is that Shannen rules.

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