Debate Deflate: America’s Next Top President

Oct 16, 2012Breaking Newzzz

The Debate is a really a cartoon.

Debate 2012 is a sham or is it a shame? Leave it up to Americans to place their entire emotional investment–not to mention their futures–on a fleeting moment. The prism of a Presidential campaign encompasses years, not to mention the scope of the careers of our Presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Comparatively speaking, a 90-minute debate is nothing but a fleeting moment. Our society has spiraled down to a Dancing With The Stars while Keeping Up With The Kardashians trajectory that leaves us pacified by our iPhones and numb to the important of reference. The lyrics of the song, “It only takes a minute girl, to fall in love” was never supposed to be taken that literally, not in our political choices anyway. The idea that we have boiled down our preferred choice of Presidential candidate with whom you “want to have a beer with” is just gross. Did Americans think that way about Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Dwight Eisenhower? No. Back then the office of the President was a highly respected position. Not what we have now, some kind of cartoon version of prime time entertainment meets reality show, where the reality is unfortunate.

Debate 2012 is more like an episode of Project Runway, I mean Project President or America’s Next Top President. Obama and Romney have to do all sorts of silly exercises including jumping through hoops to win you…the judge’s favor. Suddenly we are all noted fashion photographers or snarky publicists. Though the jumping through hoops thing makes tonight’s debate more like an episode of The Amazing Race. Anyway you slice it, our politicians are reduced to a TV spot, which is borderline ridiculous. The undecideds–those who can just leave the country as opposed to the hard working immigrants that seem to not be welcome–have way too much power these days. Much too many resources are spent courting them, too. As for the “undecideds”, I would hate to go out to a restaurant with you because people who can not decide on what to order drive me bonkers. And tonight we have a room full of them in Long Oy-land.

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