Katy Perry & Russell “Brand”: What’s In A Name?

Jan 11, 2012Breaking Newzzz

How's this for a Brand image?

I have been desperately trying to ignore the endless reports about Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s pending divorce. They are so annoying, why add fuel to the flame? Unless you are brain dead, it is hard not be reminded about their failed marriage hence, just how annoying they  really are. Sure, I like some of her pop songs, don’t get me wrong, I am an avid Spinner, and that shit works to get you over the hump. But their shenanigans and constant playing to the media is off-putting, at least. Katy may be avoiding the People’s Choice Awards—and by doing so is garnering even more press—but she is happy to launch her friggen eyelash line. Yes, eyelashes. Clearly she is annoyed that no one has asked her to design a fashion line, since so many girls want to look like an old Harajuku Doll, but her signature eyelash line should really blow out of Sephora Outlet and Rite Aid. Are you breching yet? (Brech = Vomit in Yiddish.)

Then we have the ever present Russell Brand. His last name speaks to what the two of them have been so hard trying to develop that it makes me cringe whenever I hear the word. When celebrities decided that they were not just actors or musicians, anymore, rather, “brands” was when the end of the world was officially nigh. Brand experts, brand firms and brand managers have cropped up like dandelions over the last decade or so and if you ask me, the only brand worth branding these days now that we are being accosted by brands is Brand X.

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