Celebrity Fragrances: Eau de Toilet-te

Jan 10, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Kim Kardashian introduces True Reflection....in a Golden Eye.

Let’s face it, celebrity fragrances are here to stay and the field is getting more competitive as the seconds tick. Kanye West is coming out with one as is Madonna, the world’s greatest marketing expert. Naturally, Lady Gaga can’t miss a day without doing something media savvy, so get ready to smell like Le Hint de Gaga Schtunk. Rumor has it that a Nicki Minaj scent is in the pipeline and betcha my bottom dollar that some Real Housewife is seriously contemplating her options. HSN, here she comes. Hey, if Tovah Borgnine (yes, Ernest Borgnine’s wife) can do it successfully, why shouldn’t Lisa Van Der Pump or Kyle Richards?

The shocking bit of news is the new fragrance by Kim Kardashian called True Reflection, on the heels of when she must have been doing plenty of that post marriage havoc. Is the name of this fragrance a case of life imitating art or fart imitating her life. so? The only thing that seems true about the image for True Reflection is Kim Kardashians’s French manicure. There is more photoshop action going on here than… than… than… this:

Jennifer Aniston for Allure.... eek.

When Jennifer Aniston was making the media rounds for her Smell-fest 2011, Lolavie. Perhaps I should create a fragrance.

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