Kernels of Dish (Tuesday)

Apr 20, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Real Housewives of Saks Fifth Avenue…Yikes. – GAWKER

Vera Wang to bring bridezillas to the masses. – NY MAGAZINE

Oprah says FOTZ! – PEOPLE

Save Kate? Is George Lopez searching for ratings now that he is getting bounced to midnight from Conan O’Brien? Save Kate Gosselin? From herself.  – JUST JARED

PETA is freaked about the way Kim Kardashian is holding this cat. Oy, what was she thinking? – D LISTED

2 responses to “Kernels of Dish (Tuesday)”

  1. Ericka says:

    pardon me while I slap Kim K. whether handlers were on set or not, it looks like she's holding the kitten like a prize she won at a ring toss. body language speaks volumes. whether or not someone told me it was okay for me to pick up one of my cats like that, i wouldn't. cats like to have their back feet supported.

    sigh. sorry. i needed to rant!

  2. Tina says:

    KK is in Sydney at the moment and I heard her introduced on TV last night as "the most high profile celebrity in the world".

    Who the heck is she?? And why is she?

    And I love the Housewives article. He's as entertaining as you are Abe!

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