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John Bartlett is on a mission. He has always been commited to bringing sexy back. Now he is bringing it, well, not necessarily back, but rather, finally forward, to the Mid-West. The Bon-Ton Stores showed their John Bartlett Consensus collection at the Ace Hotel and it is really heartwarming to see that even the corny stores of the heartland are finally catching up to speed on what consumers want to look like. Gone are the pleated pants and horrendous, boxy, grand-pappy garments and here comes some clean tailoring and butch realness. Anyhoo, kudos to John and we look forward to… Read More »

John Bartlett talks about sustainability and the anti-fur movement on Tim Groen’s cool new website. – TIM GROEN Karen Walker is going to go out on a national tour. Not Megan Mullally. – ESTHER GOLDBERG Cindy Adams turns 80. – JEZEBEL Marky Mark’s priest told him not to do the film Brokeback Mountain. So what, he suggested that he do Max Payne or Four Brothers? God is not a good agent, doll.   – TOWLEROAD Seems like Laura Bush is a fag hag. She told Georgie not to be all anti-fag, in so many words, during the 2004 election. You… Read More »

No, I am not becoming yet another fashion website sticking in my two cents on every collection that waltzes down a runway. On the contrary. This season is dedicated to the People I Lerve, who over the years I have either come to know personally or have learned that they are avid readers of I MEAN…WHAT?!?, rendering them my undying , eternal love. It started yesterday with John Barlett, continues with my first interview for IMW-TV with Fern Mallis and continues with these two loveable guys, Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra. They did a tight, lovely collection…their draping is divine.… Read More »

God kicked off New York Fashion Week with lots of snow. Not the kind you snort…relax Los Angeles Fashion Week…but the kind that closed the New York City schools, yet does not daunt the Fashion Crowd. Nothing can keep them from making the scene. John Bartlett held his Fall 10 fashion show at a venue in Tribeca, where the streets were cold and desolate, but the venue was warm and cozy, as was the crowd, who were out in force. Though the collection was mostly men’s, I am going to take this moment to high five the women’s pieces because… Read More »

Everywhere I turned today, there was some visual or written reference to Mad Men, and how it has “changed” fashion. Look, I know how dire things are at retail, but please, that story seems week to me. I am sure that Mad Men is impacting the editorial landscape, which in turn, some people’s fashion  choices. Style is definitely created by the few and worn by the many. Cases in point: Kurt Cobain made “The Grunge Look” a household word and Marlon Brando and James Dean gave new meaning to the white T-shirt, while the Rat Pack, the original mad men…and… Read More »

Y’all know by now that I love a good laugh when it comes to the Emperor’s New Clothes school of fashion, be it for men or woman. The word is out that I.M.W. has people laughing out loud at the commentaries. (I do too, shh.) However, not every day has to be riddled with the bashing of people, places and things, which I do in the most loving way. If you are a steady reader, you would know that I do throw in serious items and opinions, and now that my horizon is expanding, as I’ve become a correspondent for… Read More »