John Bartlett For Bon-Ton Stores

Apr 28, 2011Fashion

The Consensus was that the models were hot.

John Bartlett is on a mission. He has always been commited to bringing sexy back. Now he is bringing it, well, not necessarily back, but rather, finally forward, to the Mid-West. The Bon-Ton Stores showed their John Bartlett Consensus collection at the Ace Hotel and it is really heartwarming to see that even the corny stores of the heartland are finally catching up to speed on what consumers want to look like. Gone are the pleated pants and horrendous, boxy, grand-pappy garments and here comes some clean tailoring and butch realness. Anyhoo, kudos to John and we look forward to the pet collection for them as well. FYI…John is an avid animal rights person and this will surely benefit his mission to help animals and support the North Shore Animal League. I guess he has his eye on Sainthood.


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