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Dec 29, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Yada yada.

Look, I don’t have much time with the intermittent Internet issues here in Tulum, Mexico but when I spotted this item on The Huffington Post (which I finally accessed for the first time in days) I thought, WTF?!?

Kim Kardashian sent out a series of tweets on Christmas evening, including two messages to the official Twitter account of Barbie. “Merry Christmas Barbs @BarbieStyle! Long time no see! What did Ken get you for Christmas? Miss you doll!” she wrote to the social media account of a fictitious plastic toy.

When the toy became sentient and responded, Kardashian added, “I’m sure we will be seeing lots of each other!Shopping soon!Xo RT @BarbieStyle: Happy Doll-idays to you too @KimKardashian! See you in 2012?”

So my guess is that Barbie is going to do the first doll with a big ass or Kim has begun to settle into the audience that will give a shit about what she has to Tweet about for 2012… girls under the age of eight. That said, if neither of these predictions is true then she was soused on egg nog and sleep Tweeting.

In case you missed it, you should read this bit from my ongoing series The Days of Kim’s Lives… All Nine of Them. Specifically the episode called A Kardshian Kristmas.

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