Lauren Foster: Coming Out Again

Jun 26, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Lauren Foster: Woman on a mission.

Yet another Gay Pride Weekend filled with cha cha and booze is upon us. Since washboard abs and cheesy music has hijacked the look and tone of what is “gay”, let alone the Manzie fashion filled funways, you can see why I have proclaimed that I am homosexual yes, gay no in the piece I AM ASKING AND I AM TELLING.  However, this season there is provocative and compelling element that will be front and center in the Gay Pride Parade. I am speaking of my friend Lauren Foster, the Miami-based glamour puss, who has chosen to take this moment and officially come out as a proud activist for the transgender community. Lauren is so lovely and feminine and as she says, a lot of these gals are not the right representation of the community. She mocks in an extra deep, gravelly voice, “Hi, my name is Diane.” All kidding aside, she is bright, well spoken and has been around almost as long as I have so she has deep reference to what the community’s struggle was to allow for Ru Pauls’ Drag Race. She has a great spirit and sense of self and I refer to what she is doing at the parade is like coming out again.

Foster, born in South Africa, worked as a fashion model in the 80’s and is one of the world’s most well-known transsexual women, having been the first to pose for Vogue magazine. The other fabulous experience she has racked up is tour manager for the iconic performer, Grace Jones.

Lauren Foster and Grace Jones in the good old days.

ABE: So, I am saying that you are coming out…again.
LF: That’s really a great way to put it.
ABE: What made you decide to do it now?
LF: The city of Miami Beach approached me to represent the transgender community in the New York City Pride Parade?
ABE: The whole city? Did they all come banging at your door together?
LF: They tried, but my concierge did not let them up.
ABE: I think it is great that you are talking on the role of putting a beautiful face on such a controversial and misunderstood group of people.
LF: I am proud to do it and have always felt it was a matter of time that I could stand up and be counted.
ABE: Let’s get down to more interesting stuff… what was Grace Jones like?
LF: Beside her always trying to get her paws up my dress, she was great teacher. She took me on the best ride of my life.
ABE: The first year New Year’s Eve party at Studio 54, Grace came into the club on a motorcycle flanked by two muscle queens.
LF: And Divine, you can’t forget about Divine. I was there that night and what a fantastic night that was.
ABE: I am either getting deja vu…or a flashback. We must have done endless drugs together.
LF: I am sure I don’t know what you are talking about. You must be thinking about another Lauren Foster.
ABE: No, I don’t think so, don’t you have a Chanel tattoo? Pull down your skirt.
LF: That is the second time someone has that to me today. Now can we get back to the story at hand?
ABE: What story? Oh, that. Oh, yes. What is the most meaningful part of what you are doing this weekend.
LF: It is profound that the parade ends at Christopher Street where transgender outlaw Sylvia Rivera, threw the first bottle at Stonewall. I honor her memory, celebrate her efforts and endorse her message by being here today”.

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