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Missoni has taken over the airwaves. The overwhelming marketing of the Missoni-Target collection has made me dizzy, perhaps optical illusions and fashion should not go hand in hand. This weekend at a friends house, I used the Missoni (collection) bath towels, which did not dry my hands. The paper thin towels moved the water droplets around but did not fully absorb. Granted, the stripes and colors were fun to look at, but if a towel does not act like a towel then I take issue.

Even the bathing suits are too busy.

The Spring ’12 collection went down the Milan runway and from the looks of things, they better do another season with Target to keep the momentum going. Margherita Missoni, the adorable heiress to the knitted throne serves as the perky ambassador for the brand. The aspiring actress moved to New York  and has become famous for being a model/socialite, the modern day version of a screen test. Other socials like Birdie Bell and Tinsley Mortiner have had similar trajectories, but in the end, that may not be the best way into show business. Appearing in a Target ad will not land you a starring role in a film, perhaps a walk-on playing yourself on CSI: New York.


After offering the Missoni look for the masses, you would think that Angela Missoni would present a collection so clean and chic, that the rush to buy Missoni would continue. With this collection being so busy and frilly, it will be interesting to see how things move forward. Look how amazing Angelica Huston looks in their ad campaign from 1971. This is the look to be reissued. But what do I know.

This is the Missoni that I will always love.

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  1. Daly Beauty says:

    Agree completely. The odd thing is, the 1971 Angelica Houston look is so damn hot right now, making it the perfect time to recruit a whole new fan base who want to look like cool slinky 70s babes. Why on earth would Missoni try to re-invent itself as a confused Vegas showgirl? Best part? That shite Target collection is basically all for sale on ebay now, at the same prices as the Missoni entry level line. Wtf. Over it.

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