Brad Pitt: Right On The Moneyball

Sep 23, 2011People We Lerve

Brad Pitt has it all.

In a recent interview with Parade magazine, Brad Pitt suggested that his marriage to Jennifer Aniston was not making him happy or fulfilled. Now that is a rare honest comment that makes me like Brad even more. Page Six reports that a Brad backlash is brewing and Jennifer fans are boycotting his new film, Moneyball. Surely you remember the hullabaloo between Team Jennifer & Team Angelina when Brad and Jen broke up because of Angelina Jolie, who went on to become Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The dormant faction of Team Jennifer loyalists laying in wait for moments like this is beyond sad. But not for Angelina or Brad. Having seen Moneyball earlier this week, if you ladies boycott Moneyball, it is your loss because this is a great movie.

Moneyball is based on the true story of Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A’s.

SIDEBAR: For you Team Jennifer-ites that only know things like The Break-Up, Bounty Hunter, Rumor Has It and other such film classics starring Ms. Aniston, the Oakland A’s are a baseball team in California.

For the members of the Team Jen Hen House that have a boyfriend, I strongly suggest you run, not walk, to see Moneyball with your man. Besides the fact that it is a thoroughly satisfying feel-good movie, imagine the benefits of taking your man to see a perfect guy film rather than some unfunny chick-flick like He’s Just Not That Into You. Moneyball is a smart, touching, well-acted movie that will definitely garner Mr. Pitt an Oscar nomination and a slew of other nods come awards season. And Jonah Hill better get nominated for Best Supporting Actor, as he makes the perfect counterpoint to Brad and the other manly men involved with the sport. And speaking of awards, Jennifer will go unnoticed for her recent turn playing a douche-bag in Horrible Bosses.

Perhaps the movie is a tad too long, and though I love Brad in this, he has started doing this thing with his mouth, which I noticed in Tree of Life that is somewhat bothersome, but I am splitting hairs. And speaking of hair, he has the best hair on Earth, a la Robert Redford. Oh, Hubbel.



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