Mexico Fashion Week?!?

Sep 27, 2011Breaking Newzzz

This designer's name is Jannette Klein. Surely no reation to Calvin.

While the Milanese designers have been burning up the runways featuring loud bursts of color and floral prints that make New York’s print war seem as though we have surrendered, Mexico has been hosting their own “Little Mercedes Benz Fashion Week That Could”. By the looks of things, we can safely say that Mexico’s greatest export will remain marijuana for years to come. Well, designer goods surely ain’t it. Several years ago, I met with the IMG when they were first planning to roll out regional fashion weeks across the globe. Now, with a fashion show in every shtetl on Earth, and to confuse matters even further, there are conflicting fashion weeks, such as the case with Mexico VS Milan. Last week there was London VS Madrid so what’s next, Athens (Greece) VS Athens (Georgia)? To prove the point of marijuana VS schmattas, see these few images from the runways of Mexico City, and to be exact, probably Zona Rosa.

Is it a baby doll pajama or a Hootchie Mamma dress? You tell me.

I can't.

Now here's a total look...

Don't even tell me that this designer started out in lingerie and is taking her look to the streets. It's called bad hooker.

This designer's name is Jannette Klain. Surely no reation to Calvin.

Don't tell me, the modern twist on the hoop skirt?

The hair, the ornage lips, the ...

The Mercedes Benz logo is the new Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for the fashion industry.

Between the revealing top and the camle toe, as i said earlier, I can't.


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6 Responses to “Mexico Fashion Week?!?”

  1. Luis Basurto says:

    Jannette Klein is a school not an actual designer, These are student works and therefore does not provide an accurate perspective of the Mercedes-Benz DFashion Show. There a number of beautiful pieces as well as visually intensive runways shows, that feature many world wide fashion tendencies. If you would just google the name Jannette Klein you would know that. Great Research

  2. xoxo says:

    What a dipshit you are

  3. Margot says:

    WTF!! you should be ashamed of yourself please do a better research before even thinking about Writing

    • Abe Gurko says:

      WTF is the matter with you? Do you actually think the images I featured present Mexican fashion in a good light? If so, then you are clueless and you should do better research on what is in good taste and great styling before you comment here. Bye.

  4. Samantha Escalante says:

    You just criticize these images to be Mexican fashion, "a third world country", even if it hurts you Mexico has a fashion week as throughout the world for Mercedes Benz, Jannette Klein is a fashion university where students just graduated, present their collections in that fashion week, imagine going to get that far, do not go to surprise in the future, fascist.

    • abenyc says:

      ok so i didn't get all the info right about janette klein being a school rather than a designer. accept my humblest apoplogies. but anyway you slice it those outfits are ridic. graduates, freshman or otherwise.

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