In Defense Of Madonna

Feb 6, 2012Fashion

Say what you want. Madonna is amazing.

What on Earth is everybody buggin’ out about Madonna’s performance? My phone started buzzing immediately with all these haters ripping Madge a new orifice and I don’t know what these people are thinking. My sister said, “She’s 53, put on a pair of flats and dance. What was that?”

First of all that was Madonna giving high-fashion glamazon and doing what she does best… holding court. Here are the facts:

  1. Madonna came out as Cleopatra being pulled by a bunch of gayish, football playery looking gladiators. Amazing.
  2. Madonna wore Givenchy Couture. Beyond.
  3. Madge opened with Vogue. Obsessed knowing that thousands of straight men were in the audience voguing.
  4. Am I the world’s biggest LMFAO fan? No. But in Straightsville, it was a smart choice to follow up with that after the massive gayness from the Vogue opening.
  5. Madonna always collaborates with young, fresh talent. So this time she pulled in MIA & Nicki Minaj. Who do you want her to collab with? Don’t answer that. Who cares.
  6. MIA giving the world the finger was fantastic. She took the words right out of my mouth… and hand.
  7. Do I love the song Give Me All Your Luvin’? Maybe not as much as Music or half her other songs, but it worked in the show. Period.
  8. Cee Lo Green in a sequins Moo-Moo gown was gayer than half the cast on RuPaul’s new season of Drag Race.
  9. And excuse me, to end the show with Like A Prayer to a group of Christians watching this show was a stroke of genius. That song was originally trashed for the religious references and here years later it is the being sung along to by the whole world. Couple that with the sign for WORLD PEACE, well, and all I can say is that if you hated all that, then you are a douche.


6 Responses to “In Defense Of Madonna”

  1. Steven says:

    i agree

  2. chris says:

    people nowadays don't understand irony, and she's the Queen of it.
    I thought that ending with Like a Prayer was brilliant. She was crucified by the right-wing nuts when the song first came out and now here they all are singing along to it. She got the last laugh as usual.

  3. Taxxi says:

    Madonna is iconic, she's a legendary hard worker.
    Madonna generously shared and featured other multi racial and generational artists in her performance.
    She is a cartwheeling singer, dancer in high heel boots, author, director, actress, sex symbol, wifey, and above all a MOTHER!
    This was the best half-time mega show intertwined with a positive uplifting message.

  4. amberhj says:

    Love love love this! (Saw the link in the comment section of NYT. )

  5. @mistergsf says:

    Amen to that!!! Nuf said.

  6. Lucy says:

    Madonna shouldn't even been on stage, all she did was lip-sync NBC needs to move out of the 80s. It was a waste out air time having some one that lip-syncs. Kelly Clarkson Would have been better at least she didn't lip-sync.

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