Reading Palin’s Old Emails? How Bored Are You?

What on Earth are you doing? You, meaning the media for giving unending amounts of real estate to Sarah Palin. Whether the media is covering her “I’m Not Going Anywhere Tour” (a.k.a. The Catch Me, Catch Me Tour) or giving her rebuttal time to maintain her cluelessness about Paul Revere for “ringing those bells”, we now have to suffer through 24,000 old emails from when she was Governor of Alaska, gazing at Russia from her back porch. The media are drunk on Sarah Palin’s Kool-Aid and now we are accosted with irrelevant plot points, junk mail and “You betchas” from Sarah’s times gone by. It seem so pointless. Do you even care about your own old emails? The press wants to act like they do not care about Sarah Palin, but are, in fact, acting like the jilted lover. And because Sarah is pretty, it is even that much harder to let her go. What upsets me most about all this Palinism is that she has somehow tried to make those of us who are true American patriots, seem unpatriotic because we are not douche bags and spewing venomous rage against the machine like the Tea Partiers who go on camera on her behalf.

Do yourself a favor, instead of spending your valuable time reading Sarah’s old emails, click here for a slew of I Mean…Whats on the topic. It is far better reading.

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