Lucky Sperm Club: The Romneys

Oct 19, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Lookie here what image came up when I googled Lucky Sperm Club, The Bain Bunch.

“Lucky Sperm Club” – Warren Buffett.

Yes those are the words of Warren Buffett from an article in The New York Times, “I don’t believe in dynastic wealth”, Warren Buffett said, calling those who grow up in wealthy circumstances “members of the lucky sperm club”. Since the second debate I cannot stop thinking about Mitt Romney and the way he bullied the moderators and continues to disrespect the President of the United States. That smug puss of his looks like he is constantly smelling shit but can not figure out where it is coming from since Mitt Romney clearly thinks his shit does not stink whatsoever. It is such an unsettling feeling because it brings back memories from my youth when I was bullied in grade school. We moved from a lower middle class neighborhood “on up” to a more affluent town and on my first day of school, which landed on April 1…don’t ask, the kids all seemed like Mitt Romney and his sons. Arrogant, entitled, mean all of whom were members of the Lucky Sperm Club. Once you are bullied, you forever get a knee-jerk reaction when you spot one.

Tagg Romney threatened to take a “swing” at President Obama just for standing up to his Gross Baboon of a father; proving that the apple does not fall far from the tree. The Tagg (you’re it) incident brought back those feelings of anger and resentment when I was bullied by people who, by virtue (?!?) of some means, act as though they are above the fray and the rules do not apply to them. Rather, they enjoy watching people squirm and make themselves feel superior by doing and saying as they please. Only a member of the Lucky Sperm Club could reference Binders Full of Women. Only a member of the Lucky Sperm Club would announce to other members of the Lucky Sperm Club that 47% of the United States are a bunch of takers and do nothings. George W. Bush was a Lucky Sperm Club member, but his dufusness made him less off-putting that the Romneys. And don’t think Ann Romney isn’t just like her men. She scares the beJesus out of me. Ann has taught her boys well and the whole lot of them reek of “Holier Than Thou” attitude. I am sure Mormonism has nothing to do with that. No, that attitude comes from countless years of having been fed with a silver spoon directly in the ass.

The whole Romney clan has proved to be members of both the Lucky Sperm Club and nominees for Gross Baboon of the Year. Nice combination. Feh.

Who will win Gross Baboon of the Year and steal Donald Trump’s spot?


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