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They will be eating the shit pie that Octavia Spencer served in “The Help”.

What’s on the menu? The shit pie that Octavia Spencer served in the movie “The Help”.… Read More »


I would also like to know if Barneys has done what they did to those African-American kids to low-rent, mad, white trash. It might be worth an ask.… Read More »


Last year I Mean What took a sabbatical or a hiatus or a drug induced coma…something that kept me from consistently sharing my POV on all things ridiculous. Since then, Anderson Cooper @CNN started The Ridiculist, Chelsea Handler’s show has gained in popularity and just about every Tom, Dick (big or otherwise) and Harry has chimed in their two cents via Twitter or Instagram (snore) and the only person losing out on telling it like it is was me. Since my accident I have been stockpiling my daily horrors on what’s wrong with the world to the point of getting… Read More »


So glad that Obama stopped being a Friggin’ Narc. Now pass me the box of Twinkies.… Read More »


Brooke Mueller in rehab is such old news that it’s weird that she was even in the news today for going to rehab…again…which is like her weekly adventure.… Read More »

Road Runner, WIle E. Coyote & Paul have so much in common.

All this talk about the Fiscal Cliff reminds me of Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. … Read More »