Sarah Palin Gets Back To The Front Of The Bus

Sarah Palin, like Scarlet O'Hara, will never go hungry again. You hear that God?

Look out Iowa, here she comes, barreling down the pike for more heart felt aggrandizing. Yup, Sarah Palin is loading up that I’m Not Going Anywhere Tour Bus and hightailing across the plains to head Michele Bachmann off at the pass. (And her little dog, Marcus, too.) Sarah has tasted the fruits of our national landscape—no, not the edible ones from the Great Plains—rather, from the bully pulpit and media glare of the national stage… and she is hungry for more. Sarah Palin is a garden variety addict, maybe not with drugs, but she is clearly addicted to the spotlight. Once John McCain plucked her from obscurity, she has not been able to stop Jonesing for the soapbox.

Since Sarah has been marginalized, she’s been relegated Fox News and is craving a real fix. Besides, the Palin brand has been tarnished, so she really needs to reorganize her screen, clear recent history, her cookies and cache, then reboot. Get ready Iowa, because there is some good media crack in the Hawkeye State that Palin, like a True Blood vampire, needs to feed on. It is astonishing that no one calls her out on her textbook addictive behavior. Clearly, she does not stand a chance in hell to win the nomination. So like a two-bit addict, her ego is forcing her to kick up a sandstorm around her and in the process will cock-block her fellow Republicans from garnering their fair share of media attention in Iowa this weekend. Like in the Beverly Hillbillies, she has loaded up the bus and moving to… not Beverly, rather, the Iowa State Fair. Well, if my Granny and Jed comparison doesn’t work for you, perhaps then, like in Poltergeist… she’s baaack.

P.S. Did you know that Same-Sex Marriage became legal in Iowa on April 3, 2009?







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