Michele Bachmann Needs A Celebrity Publicist

Aug 9, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Eek. Vote for me?

If anyone needs to hire ID-PR, Slate or 42 West, it is Michele Bachmann. Say what you want about those pushy celebrity publicists, but you will NEVER see a cover shot of Jake Gyllenhaal looking like he is tweaking, or Jennifer Aniston looking like she is plugged into a socket. Granted, celebrity publicists have gotten a “not great” reputation as being bitchy and annoying, but they do their job, and usually very well. There are plenty of not-interesting talent that celebrity publicists get tons of coverage on. I won’t get into it now (January Jones) so I can stay on message about Michele Bachmann.

Seriously, who went with Michele to this shoot, some assistant that she plucked off a farm? The idea is to hover over the photographer’s shoulder and be annoying. I can not imagine that Marcus Bachmann was on set, because she, I mean, he would have been far more hawkish. Let’s face it, this type of imagery would never happen to Sarah Palin. Say what you want about her, but she has really good handlers. The fact that this image of Bachmann is on the cover of a magazine would have heads rolling in celebrity land. The Tea Party is so clueless, they must be thinking, “Any press is good press”. That may be true in some cases, but in this situation, only Tina Brown‘s Newsweek wins.

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