Manzies Italian Style

Jun 25, 2012The Manzie Report

Remember the movie Divorce Italian Style, the hilarious satire of male-chauvinist society in Italy? Well, move over ’cause the Manzies are taking the title for themselves. The Milan men’s shows are in full bloom and there are some Bloomsbury beauties among other mishaps and very little that screams male-chauvinism. On the contrary. It is as though some of these designers are divorced from their better judgment, or any guy that wears them will be. You tell me.

Rocccobarocco is like Rocky Rakookoo.

These Marc Jacobs looks are Bloomsbury giraffe or something.

Donatella Versace has designed a collection for the nelly gladiator for Spring ’13.

Rocky Balboa meets nelly gladiator.

Not doin’ it.

Dolce Gabbana designed the perfect collection for eunuchs and/or It’s Pat from Saturday Night Live.

Oh, like I am wrong?


Who’s wearing this besides a gender bending grandfather?

Dolce Gabbana designs for the trusted Gorton’s Fisherman.

Am I right?

OK, maybe the gay Gorton’s Fisherman’s first mate?

Or Gorton’s depressed daughter?

Offset by this hazmat suit from E.T.?



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