Studio 54 + Soul Cycle = Charity Ride

May 4, 2012Breaking Newzzz

What do you get when you combine a few remnants from Studio 54 plus New York’s premiere Studio Cycling experience coupled with a lot of good intentions? A great charity ride at Soul Cycle 77 on May 17. Allow me to age myself, since I am one of those Studio remnants. (It’s a birthday week so I am a wee bit sensitive. Forget all that.) I am riding to help raise funds for THE FELIX ORGANIZATION/ Adoptees For Children that provides inspiring opportunities and new experiences to enrich the lives of children who are growing up in the foster care system.

This is me begging for your support. The 54-minute spinning class called the First Annual Disco Inferno For Felix will be co-hosted by Marc Benecke, Myra Scheer (Studio 54 Radio), Rollerina (um, yes) and few other remnants from the original days of disco. Five dollars, ten dollars, anything really will help sponsor a child this summer go to Camp Felix in Putnam Valley (New York) for one or two week sessions. Come on, please. Don’t sweat the small stuff, I will do it for you. Any donation means everything. Email me your pledge today. There are some bikes left, if you are so inclined, just email Take life for a ride.


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