The “Buck Stops Here” Bag


Send in the clowns.

Politicians are like an “IT” bag, and each season, there is a new “must-have”. This Presidential season is going to be the Chanel of wind bags. You find me one candidate for President of the United States, present company and President included, that is not prone to hypocrisy, and I will pay you money. Seriously, this is a one time offer, as I am not a betting man. No one on Earth can present the case for a candidate who does not talk out of both sides of their mouth and other orifices, in order to please the masses. When I heard that Obama was doing a Sarah Palin – I Am Not Going Anywhere inspired bus tour, I was in shock. The timing could not have been worse. Then, when the news came that he was headed to Martha’s Vineyard for ten days, that proved the point I have been making for months now, that Barack Obama needs to get rid of David Axelrod. What worked for Obama in 2007/2008 will not work again. If he is to get re-elected, he needs to step up his game AND his rhetoric and get a new crack team. (A new designer, as it were.) His original dream team are not fresh and clearly out of step with the American people. They should rent The War Room, that documentary on the 1992 Clinton Campaign and take notes.

Michele Bachmann: Here's a candidate that is as self-righteous as the day is long.

Today’s news that my favorite Congresswoman, Maxine Waters is furious that the Obama Please Like Me Bus Tour has bypassed urban, black neighborhoods makes you wonder, who is driving that bus. I’d like to know where Michelle Obama is on all this. Any money bet Hillary would have said ‘fotz” to the bus tour. Surely Michelle has her opinions—as she seems to wear the pants in that family—is smart as a whip, beyond stylish and should be telling his henchman to only put Barack in positive situations that keep naysayers as bay. Naysayers like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are trashing Barack Obama for going on holiday to Martha’s Vineyard. Well, where should he go, Harlem? Will that make everybody happy? Honestly, those two “candidates” can take a powder because they are so guilty of being hypocrites that what they say means nothing. The problem for Obama is the media is leaning anti-Obama. This is not a good situation for Democrats. Whereas the Republican Congress are off lollygagging for a whole month after destroying our economy, Barack is left holding the “buck stops here” bag. And it does not go with his shoes.

Please watch this one scene from The War Room. it’s amazing.


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