The Lindsay Firestorm Continues

Dec 8, 2009Breaking Newzzz
That people think she is not pretty is mind boggling.

That people think she is not pretty is mind boggling.


Ladies and gentlemen, and hypocrites of all ages. Step right up and peruse these images of Lindsay Lohan. You know you want to. You know you can’t resist looking, then taking the time to make comments that show much you really do care…though your words say otherwise. As we all know, actions speak louder than words. So, just to be clear, Lindsay is not “fugly”, on the contrary. Lindsay is not sad, on the contrary. And no this photo shoot was not a career “mistake”, on the contrary. For whatever reason, Lindsay Lohan is one of the most controversial actresses of our time. She thrives on being controversial. And this Muse Magazine photo shoot was just that…in spades. Posting these images literally blew out my server yesterday. Lindsay has only made a handful of movies, and really, most people remember her from Mean Girls. All the other aspects of her life are beyond fodder for the press and the public just can’t get enough. Why? I do not know. And please…no one send me a soliloquy as to why that is. I have had my fair share of bloviators since Barack Obama made the national scene.

The endless judgments on her looking stoned is so infantile. Its just amazing what a bunch of prudes people really are...until they get in the sack.

The endless judgments on her looking stoned is so infantile. It is just amazing what a bunch of prudes people really are...until they get in the sack.

Look, don’t take it out on me. I am just doing my job, which was to promote this Yu Tsai photo shoot and video. THE VIDEO! Oh my, I can’t wait to see the firestorm that sets off. Entertainment Tonight breaks that story tonight because it is entertainment. One of my “new readers” has been emailing me reason after reason why this project was a huge mistake for Lindsay to do. But he made a most curious point. “One actress I know began crying, saying she was shaken by Lindsay allowing this to occur to her.” Excuse me? There are so many things wrong with that statement that makes me pity the “actress”. First off, crying no less? Shaken…not stirred? I am sure she was crying because she wouldn’t get this much publicity if she ran butt naked on the White House lawn. And the “allowing this to occur to her” sends shivers down my spine. The word allow and occur are not  applicable to Linsday Lohan. Maybe that is how that actress spends her life, waiting to be “allowed” to do things, like act or wait tables. Or being still as life “occurs” around her. Either way, she has no future as an actress. Not someone that speaks like that. Actors are way to self involved. And the more self involved they are, the more successful they become. That is not a judgment, but a fact. When you are the product you are selling, you better love it and be prepared to put yourself first. This chick, sobbing on the sidelines of Lindsay Lohan, should just pack her bags and move back home to Yuckaho Township, USA.

People fascination with Linsday baring all shows that we still live in a puritan society. Next up...witch hunts.

People's fascination with Lindsay baring all shows that we still live in a puritan society. Next up...witch hunts.

END NOTE: The one thing about Miss Lohan that I can safely say, is that she knows exactly who she is, very clear on what choices she is making and that she is young, which explains the abandon in how she lives her life. These are not the usual stories and messages I post on I MEAN…WHAT?!? My commitment for this site is to point out what is not quite right in the worlds of fashion, entertainment and lifestyle…not Lindsay’s…the bigger picture. And while this project unfolded, I was taken aback by the public’s fascination with others, which must be the biggest reason why their own lives pretty much suck. You can not and will not ever convince me that taking time and love away from your own life to think through someone esle’s is beneficial to your own circumstances. No way, no how. Unless of course you are Lindsay’s shrink, and are appealing to the masses because you have plum given up. she shows a little skin. to the galleys Yikes. with all you prudes. she shows a little skin. to the gallows. Yikes, with all you prudes.

And (B) Have you ever considered doing volunteer work with all your obvious free time?!? I mean…what?!?

Oh, right, she's smoking. How many commnets that sparked. Fotz.

Oh, right, she's smoking. How many comments that sparked. Fotz.

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46 responses to “The Lindsay Firestorm Continues”

  1. sarah says:

    what's the video like? I hope it's like these photos and not like a porno…

  2. Kate says:

    I wanna see that video . Abe you are just answering to people who love to hate her , they go on all blogs and write the same things .

    She looks absolutely amazing , i find the pictures provocative and raw . Just like her .

    I wanna see that video/

  3. era says:

    I agree with Kate. Some people hate Lindsay because she is a free spirit. She does what she want and don't apologize.

  4. Ashley says:

    I think she is georgeous and this pictures rocks! Are amazing….is like looking at Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. Congratulations Lindsay!

  5. jec says:

    thank you for an adult and realistic review of this photoshoot—that's right a photoshoot-not an inside peak of her life

  6. lol says:

    lol "controversial".. maybe in rural Alabama. 60 years ago.
    These look like pretty normal pictures to me, albeit photoshopped to look "artsy".

  7. Jill says:

    Not a huge fan of Lindsey overall but these photos are beautiful. Very raw and very artistic. Gorgeous.

  8. ericka says:

    that first photo is hot.

  9. Ruth says:

    Thanx Abe, i really like this photoshoot, raw & beautiful, & finally i found someone with a smart & objective point of view, i'll be sure to follow your blog.

  10. Ashley says:

    Off to the galleys? I'm pretty sure you mean gallows. On the contrary. Sodding moron.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Hi Ashley…Thanks for correcting my English, though one could say since there's going to be plenty of books written on Lindsay, so galleys, in fact would apply. But, I stand corrected as opposed to you and your uptight ilk. Peace.

  11. jec says:

    Abe-any scoop on when we can see video??

  12. T says:

    Controversial actresses?

    HELLO, SHE DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE. It's because of her reputation and this Hustler like spread will not do her any favors in getting casted. Your site makes a good buck, the mag, the photographer. Everyone used her.

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  14. era says:

    Thanks. And T YOU NEDD TO GET A LIFE. lol

  15. thomas says:

    Actress? When did you last go to the movies to see a Lindsay Lohan movie ? Last time i did, i was still in high school..
    Anyway this shot is not shocking exactly because it's Lilo. It's not like we haven't seen all there is to see of her before.
    It might be shocking if this was a "goody two shoes" like natalie portman or keira knigtley. With lilo it would be more shocking if she didn't expose herself for a good stretch of time.
    Good luck to her though. I think she is a genuine talent but not for the reasons you seem to think.

  16. D.H. says:

    First thing posting a piece of someone's private email is out of line. Second thing I have never heard so much junk stated in my life. I stated the other day what the reaction would be. I was right that what you called artistic, sensual and beautiful would be called out as the exploitative and cretinous garbage it is. You state proof is that you got a lot of hits on the server. So did the people who posted Michael Jackson's last photo and Fergie peeing in her pants. People are fascinated by despair and appalling trainwrecks. They also love seeing celebrities look bad. You spout about hypocrisy as if the 95 % who think this is junk are prudes or somehow don't get it. We do. There are tons of great nude imagery and sensual photoshoots. This stuff has not one ounce of eroticism or sensuality here. People are offended by a lousy career move that serves only to humiliate this actress further. For an actress known for being too much of a good girl it could work and it would probably be freed of the substance abuse ravaged look. This looks like 3 unhealthy people in a hotel. Lohan is an extremely lonely person who has been in rehab 3 times, is a known alcoholic and coke user, is known for self harming herself, and cannot get a job in what she loves doing (her only work in film in the last year being a few days on Machete).

    She looks ravaged by her history of substance abuse and someone not aware of who she is would guess 30's. Rumors circulate about her begging for jobs at parties. She attends premieres for ice cream shops to get some cash. Several times in the last week she has been on twitter begging her ex-girlfriend to come back to her and acted out in a really disgusting way when she did not get a response. Her luckiest move in the last 6 months is her ex-girlfriend moving into a complex so photo agencies could not shoot her crying on her ex's front door all night begging to be let in (to say this became a running thing is an understatement – by the way those videos also got a lot of hits). As with most people struggling to hold on, she has allowed herself to believe that such a dimwitted photoshoot would help her when she is the only person who gets nothing out of this.

    This shoot is a joke and only her biggest fanatics would delude themselves into thinking it is anything but. Besides them and people promoting this there is nothing but hatred on the net. You had the nerve to say it would help her career when you know by now based on the reaction it has turned her into nonstop attacks with this young person being insulted in the most brutal ways (and none of it for a sexy photoshoot – the comments are primarily about her looking in her 30's, that no one wants to see her nude anymore unless it is as a joke, and how she must be the most deluded person in LA to think this would help her). The same people that ate up Scarlett and Dita's sensual play could care less about nudity. They are bothered to see a person sinking lower and lower with no self awareness of how she looks because people with hearts do not like to watch people destroy themselves. Your whole controversial schtick is laughable. It isn't controversial. That is not why people are attacking it. It is sleazy, cheap, unerotic (I cannot think of a photoshoot so devoid of chemistry and sensuality) and shows a woman being delusional. That is why people are attacking it.

    By the way, my extremely beloved and acclaimed friend had a good laugh at your lecture. Yu Tsai gets his name even more noticed, Muse sells a lot of magazines, and Lindsay Lohan comes across looking like a trainwreck and someone not in on the joke. Bravo.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      My dear DH…or Little Lord Fauntleroy…You are more than entitled to your opinion. But I have now heard it a lot of times, in a very short period of time. And while it was you that revealed that you were the one who sent the note about the actress, why not just go all the way and reveal who she is? We are all riveted. Right, y'all? If not, then just go, in peace, amongst the things.

  17. Jilly says:


    Why don`t you worry about your own life and leave Lindsay`s life alone. You have no say in how she lives her life. Your rants are starting to sound like your obsessed with her. Her personal life is none of your concern.

  18. DClark says:

    I like the photos, but I understand the negative remarks. Either way, can't deny its got people's attention.

  19. Ariel says:


    Thanks for your ratiocination. I share your opinion.

  20. jordongoles says:

    i can't wait for this. the hype has been building for the past few days. they better be amazzzing pictures.

  21. D.H. says:

    Abe, you are one smartaleck – aren't you? Well go back and look at my posts on what would happen and look at yours. If you can't handle the truth, too bad. You were wrong. Your artistic, beautiful photos have turned into the internet's big joke. Lindsay was smart to leave the country to avoid the backlash against this. She also appeared to be devastated and looked on the verge of tears (quick take photos so you can take advantage of her downward spiral) last night.

    As for the Little Lord Flauteroy comment you are a fool. The reason everyone hates this crap is it is weak, unoriginal, uninspired, dull male fantasy without an ounce of sensuality. I guess you couldn't handle the truth when you were hit with it. Where's your Lindsay is strong and powerful and fierce crap now.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      DH…What are you now, the Jack Nicholson role in "A Few Good Men" with "you can't handle the truth"? You don't know me, nor will you get the chance. But as for truth, I know it plenty and have seen much hardship so don't take up my limited airspace and yammer on about me. Please, feel free to go to any of the many sites that have posted these images and take this up with them. I will (hopefully) end this conversation with, I don't care that you don't like this series of images. And for that matter, who would? And (B) If you think i give a flying fuck about the people who share your views…think again. Have a great life. Nice meeting you. I wish you nothing but joy for you and your celebrated actress friend. Ciao.

  22. sarah says:

    when is the video coming out?

  23. sarah says:

    where's the vid?

  24. jordongoles says:

    dh you're kind of an idiot. how many sites have you posted your opinion on? everyone should know that everyone else on the internet doesn't give a shit-sandwich about opinions. they're like assholes, everyone's got one but nobody wants to see it.

  25. D.H. says:

    Abe, it's interesting that you have not been able to give one response to the countless things you were wrong on. If it makes you feel better pretty much all the sites and comments are having a field day with Tsai's laughable comments. Next time when someone else is right about reaction and you are wrong, give them credit. It is unbecoming when all the reactions happened the way I said it would and you are still carrying on. At least you are no longer saying how this will be her career comeback. Don't worry it won't destroy her career. It will just go down in the trashcan of bad choices and another lesson on how not to let people exploit one when they are down and depressed. As for personal damage that is a whole other matter. When you disagree with someone you better be ready to be called out when you turn out completely wrong. Don't worry there will be some Lindsay fanatics who will defend her. You know the type of people that think she was still beautiful in her mugshot. Good human being – apparently lousy friends.

  26. D.H. says:

    By the way, this was my post within minutes of the first photo.

    "Abe, why would Lindsay Lohan do this? She has already become a caricature in terms of sexuality. This only seems to further an image. Does she not have anyone giving her advice? All this causes is more rumors and more hatred to her. When a person is already seen as hypersexualized and promiscious, the worst move is to be in a photoshoot like this. It is reminiscent of the Madonna “Sex” book which, while meant to convey eroticism, came across as a bad joke. A goody-two shoes actress could have made this interesting. Instead this seems like people making a young woman think something incredibly stupid is a good idea."

    Gee I sure did nail the response. I like how you kept saying wait as each image further proved I was right and how false your opinions were. In this case, it doesn't feel great being right. To be fair, this was predictable. The only person who probably did not know the reaction was Lindsay. Yu got publicity and Muse sells magazine. They could care less about Lindsay Lohan. They call it exploitation for a reason don't they.

  27. sarah says:

    when is the video coming out?

  28. moimoi says:

    i love the pictures, i love the video…very senseful and exciting, and i am saying this as a straight girl who does find lindsay interesting anyway. i´d hang up prints of those in no time. she does look great in pictures and on film.

  29. viristein says:


  30. Lindsay Lohan em making of assanhado para a Muse Magazine | achei tendência says:

    […] que ADOREI o making of do ensaio mais sensual do ano,  no qual o fotógrafo Yu Tsai clicou a atriz Lindsay Lohan para a Muse […]

  31. Paulo says:

    Nice images, Abe. And uh, DH, get a life will you?

  32. Tom says:

    Her life is little different than that of any other person who makes various decisions that impact their lives. The key difference is that she winds up in the news, and the biggest train wrecks get the most play. I care little for her, her career, or her antics, and wondered what the hype was about. Having seen the pictures, my opinion of her is no better and no worse than before the pictures. I doubt it will do anything to help her career, and there is little damage that can be done to what is left of the career. I'm not sure I understand anyone, except perhaps those honest enough to vocalize the rather asinine "She's f'in hot" comments. Do those of you claiming this is the end of her career really care beyond the "train wreck" mentality? And do any of you honestly believe this will somehow "salvage" Lohan's career? At this point in time, she is simply one more child star that struggled and largely failed to convert childhood success into adult success. Unless she can find someone who believes this photo shoot reveals some hidden acting talent, it is unlikely to do much but fuel discussions of this type.

  33. es lo mas lindsay la aaammmmooooo luce muy pero muy lindaaa…. un beso grande

  34. Bryan says:

    She looks like she aged about ten years!

  35. Wonderful blog! I actually love how it is easy on my eyes and also the info are well written. I am wondering how I could be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which should do the trick! Have a nice day!

  36. […] tarde la revista Muse, sacó unas fotos en donde la actriz sostenía relaciones con otras dos […]

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