The Phony…I Mean…Tony Awards

May 4, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Carrie Fisher's performance in Wishful Drinking was matter what the Tony's think.

What a crock of hooey these Tony Awards are, or shall we say, The Antoinette Perry Who-Gives-A-Damn-About The Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence in Theatre. The title of that award is pretentious enough to choke a horse. They should rename it the Sarah Siddons Award, like the one Eve Harrington won in All About Eve. Literally, if it wasn’t for Doogie Howser, would anyone watch that friggen awards show on CBS, sponsored by Geritol. Let me start by saying that every time I go to a Broadway show, I am overwhelmed as to how many bad hairdos can be clumped into one room. It is as though car coats and frizzy hair are forever in vogue to the theater going audience. That and and an fifty pounds. Granted, I am not the most avid theater goer, and I thoroughly respect the craft to the nth power, but this particular awards show season is so annoying, I can’t even begin. Naturally, I am furious at the ridiculous oversight by the Tony voters to have not included Carrie Fisher in the Best Actress category for here amazingly funny and poignant turn in Wishful Drinking. Not for nothing, The New York Times raved about Miss Fisher’s performance and who gives a damn what Roma Torre from NY-1 says. She has a stick so far up her…well…forget it…I am clearly not objective here. Anyhoo, I share the sentiments of Carrie Fisher when I say what this image implies.

Carrie Fisher says it here best to the Tony people.


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3 Responses to “The Phony…I Mean…Tony Awards”

  1. Ynot tonY says:

    Why not Tony? I'd have to agree with IMW on this. I've seen this show on Broadway at Studio 54 enough times to know that I had seen a real/special piece of theater. *reminder Carrie wrote, created and performed this show Wishful Drinking-w/ no understudy.

    Granted it's no Jude Law in Hamlet or Katherine Zeta Jones-Douglas in her debut- but so little on Broadway is these days. I don't understand why the Tony board didn't nominate Wishful Drinking for anything. Maybe they didn't nominate any part of the show because of the reputation of one of the producers she was involved with-

    If we could collect all the crazy, Sci Fi homosexual drug addicts in the world & have them say something- I think we could change the small world the Tony organization represents.

    May the 4th be with you Carrie Fisher…. what a play on words.

    Y not tonY

  2. Ericka says:

    Don't get me started. Really. I can't even. I'm not going to start naming names, but some of the nominees….I mean…. what?!? I had a feeling it was in trouble when they got rid of the Special Theatrical Event category, but I didn't think the show or Carrie would get snubbed entirely.

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