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May 3, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Patricia Moreno is beyond.

On this gross rainy Monday morning in New York City, after pawing through the many on-line news services looking for my I Mean..What?!? of the day, I thought…ugh…who cares. Naturally, I do. But what I have not ever done is simply share with you what one of the greatest components of my life. Something that helps to make me feel complete. I have been engaged in the fitness world for years, mostly as a participant, but surely long before all these gyms have cropped up and all these trainers (those people who can count to ten and do not want to work waiting tables anymore) have gone on to become media stars. When I first discovered the endorphin rush in the 80’s, I felt like I found my own stash of goodies and like a good junkie, wanted to keep it all to myself. That was around the time Patricia Moreno came to New York as a step aerobics teacher and her classes got me hooked. Working out became my new drug of choice. Years…and I mean years have gone by having lost touch with her. Lucky for me, a four years ago I bumped into Patricia, who has since, for lack of a better term, gone to the top of the mountain, saw the light and came back down, not unlike Moses, with a great message from above. She has combined the many eastern philosophies she studied with the principals of  a physical workout and has created a program called The Intensati Method, The Seven Secret Principles to Thinner Peace.

When I bumped into Patricia Moreno after many years of not seeing her, I noticed a glow around her and a light from her eyes and smile. It happened to be at a very unhappy time in my personal and professional life and walking into that room to take the class, something happened. Intensati washes over you like a warm bath…yes…that is also sweat…but I am trying to be ethereal here…so work with me. Intensati has completely changed my life and I can give you a list of hundreds others that share this sentiment. Patricia started Intensati way before The Secret became a phenomenon…and the real secret that you learn through The Intensati Method is that you are the secret. You learn practical steps to finding and cherishing all aspects of your life. Look, I know many of you (New Yorkers especially) don’t like talking about your spiritual center, or side. Just too busy, I guess. The conversation that Intensati starts within you is amazing. Anyway…far be it from me to sounds like a Moonie, so I suggest reading her book. But more importantly, somehow try taking her class. She is affiliated with Equinox Fitness Clubs. Check out her site: Watch my interview for a snippet of her loveliness.


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