Trick or Treats

Aug 10, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Photo: Andreas Kock

The other day I received a magazine in the mail called Treats. Not sure about the name, I was, however, intrigued by the cover photo of two nude beautiful women touching each others’ private parts. Not that it made me horny or anything, but loving the photography, I pawed through the magazine looking for more of the same… and found plenty. Plenty of skin, breasts, buttocks, men’s torsos and most notably a lot of fashion. The idea behind Treats by photographer Steve Shaw, is to create a sensual fashion / lifestyle publication that features great articles, interesting profiles and fashion photography fused with nudity for a fresh take on sensuality. There’s a great piece on the legendary, debauchery-infused, but little known hotel in Hollywood called the Garden of Allah, (Chateau Marmont who?) and a great fashion spread with Hottie McHot, Jason Statham. I immediately sent off a note to the Editor, Rob Hill, to get the dish.

Photo: Steve Shaw

ABE: So, I commend you on going into print on a new magazine. Gotta love that. What planet do you live on?
ROB: Ha! We wonder that, too. Funny thing is: We completely underestimated the demand for Treats as our distributor is saying that its the fastest selling new title they’ve had in years—and it’s twenty bucks. Turns out people don’t want to read this magazine online and we are getting subscriptions from places like Sweden, South Africa, Australia, The Netherlands and UK.

Photo: Tony Kelly

ABE: While leafing thru Treats, I thought progressive version of Playboy meets fashion magazine. Was that the thought?
ROB: Funny you should mention Playboy because the day the magazine came out word made it up to the Playboy Mansion and Hugh Hefner and he had his secretary call down and ask if she could send a messenger for three issues for Hef. He loved the magazine so much he has since invited Steve Shaw, the Publisher, up to the Mansion several times and is now gonna have him shoot some covers for Playboy. Not a bad endorsement, right?

Photo: Steve Shaw

ABE: Speaking of Hef, are you planning any signature parties, you know, like Tricks & Treats?
ROB: We did a big launch party at the Goldstein-Lautner House in Benedict Canyon (Los Angeles). The house is amazing, definitely one of the top ten most infamous houses in America. And we are gonna be partnering with Kiki De Montparnasse and Maybeline for an event at Milk Studios in New York City during Fashion Week. Then, yes, of course, we will do our Halloween Trick and Treats party in Malibu.

Photo: Ben Watts

ABE: Fantastic. So if you had to write a slug line for magazine, what would it be?
ROB: I like what one person said of the magazine: It’s Helmut Newton meets Hunter S. Thompson on Agent Provocatuer stationary.

Photo: Deborah Andersen

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