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The article of the week is by Eric Wilson of The New York Times Style section about the Berlin based fashion label, VONROSEN. Thank you Eric for introducing me to probably the most annoying new “luxury brand” on the planet. Get this…you have to apply to get access to their website, which is the only place to peruse their schmattas…I mean collection. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love good snob appeal, a.k.a. the entire luxury goods business. But when some uppity fashionista thinks that the Studio 54 philosophy of marketing applies to buying a nothing special cardigan sweater for $675 bucks…well, I feel sorry for the people who will actually “get on line” to buy this stuff. By all means, if the stuff is great, shop away. But of you are that desperate to “wanna be” in that “club” of anonymous online shoppers…well…knock yourself out. Though I must say that David von Rosen‘s PR strategy worked like a charm because not only did The Times pick up this story, but so did Nicole Phelps of style.com who was quick to support this notion of velvet rope schmatta peddling. Heck, it’s even gotten me going! I googled away but it was hard to find too much more on David von Rosen besides that he was in (what seems like) the educational money laundering business, I guess that laundering led to this love of laundry and hence a clothing company. Do they have Snuggle Fabric Softener in Berlin?

Naturally, I just applied to be a “member” and wonder if I will “get in”. As a living refugee of the original years of Studio 54, I turn my nose at anything and everything that tries to follow suit.  It doesn’t play anymore…at least not on me. I was “in” when “in” was “in”. But, I would like to peruse this collection, at least for the fun of it…or the follow up story. I found a little pretentious film that VONROSEN released on youtube. It shows a women using her VONROSEN dress to masturbate with. Yes, you heard me correctly. And the tag line is, “When your style does the job”. Click on this image, I don’t lie.

This is not porn, it's fashion.

This is not porn, it's Von Rosen fashion.

Von Rosen wants applicants to email him telling a little about themselves and why they want to shop there, which seems a little to match.com for my likings. Anyway…Happy Thanksgiving. What am I thankful for? Eric Wilson. Though I do want to point out that in his article his reference to the hoi polloi is not used correctly. See below.

Hoi polloi (Ancient Greek: οἱ πολλοί), an expression meaning “the many”, or in the strictest sense, “the majority” in Greek, is used in English to denote “the masses” or “the people”, usually in a derogatory sense. Synonyms for “hoi polloi” include “…commoners, great unwashed, minions, multitude, plebeians, proletariat, rabble, rank and file, riffraff, the common people, the herd, the many, the masses, the plebs, the peons, the working class“.

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  1. ericka says:

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    LOL! welcome to my head. it's weird here.

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