The State Dinner

Nov 25, 2009Breaking Newzzz

I don’t have much to say about last night’s State Dinner besides that it is part of the White House protocol and that it must be maintained. Is it annoying? Perhaps to those who are not invited. Does it do anything for us politically? Maybe but probably not.  Are rituals and institutions a good thing? One could argue this in either direction. The fact remains, we have them, and with this new White House, the affair needed to be amazing. Why? Because. And if you don’t like that answer? Too bad.

Who is cuter than these two?

Who is cuter than these two?

Michelle Obama looked fantastic, the space was elegant, and the menu sounded delish. Reading through some of the online comments by a batch of jealous nobodies that are against the Obama Administration anyway, I was shocked at all the negative backlash. “It is in bad taste to spend money on State Dinners while we are in a recession,” or “Bla bla bla”. All I have to say to these people is, “Buzz Off!” Nobody cares that you have a bug up your ass except perhaps the bug. Chances are these people are the ones lining up at the Borders Bookstores, desperately waiting to catch a glimpse of Sarah Palin. And a sadder group of people do not exist…on Earth. If you have not seen this video that was posted on Huffington Post, by all means stop for a moment and watch this. It is the raw, shocking truth behind who supports Sarah Palin and her ilk and what we as a nation should fear most…not terrorists…but our ignoramus neighbors.

Please click on this and watch what in my mind is what we should be the most afraid of...ignorance....which in fact, is not bliss.

Please click on this image and watch what we should be the most afraid of...ignorance....which in fact, is not bliss.

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