Waitress Moms, Soccer Moms, Mom’s Moms

Oct 25, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Are we to change our tattoos each election cycle too?

Moms. Whether they are waitress moms, soccer moms, security moms, or just mom’s moms, moms are the key voting block in this election. But tell me something I don’t know. Since women are in the majority of our population in the United States, how can they not be the key demographic and the Deciders-in-Chief, to steal a phrase. What puzzles me though is that good moms are very decisive. My sisters were, my mom was, as nutty as a fruitcake she was, but decisive for sure… and opinionated galore. But many moms are opinionated. Since moms are constantly making choices and decisions for their children throughout the course of the day, one would imagine that the sheer volume of decision making would help them make the decision as to whom to vote for. Wouldn’t it just be one more thing on the To Do List and then “moving on”? Clearly that is not the case.

How in hell are “waitress moms” or what I’d like to call “the new black moms”–since “soccer moms” are tired and “security moms” are a thing of the past–still undecided? Is serving an Adam and Eve on a raft that perplexing that it has clouded your judgment? Has a Radio on Whiskey Down got you so confused that your current English makes Spanglish and Ebonics seem logical and has thrown you for such a loop that you don’t understand what the candidates are even saying? I don’t get it. I’d like to get it, but I just don’t.

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