What Can We Live Without In 2010?!?

Dec 21, 2009Breaking Newzzz

Target drags their crap into the Meatpacking District for their holiday pop-up shop.

As we wind down from a financially awkward year and look back at “What the F#@k Was That?!?”, let’s take a moment to consider what things we would like to see go away in 2010. Today’s article in Women’s Wear Daily on Novelty Fading for Pop-Up Shops suggests that they are losing steam, but retail events will be more necessary than ever, think Fashion’s Night Out. Pop-Up shops are not going anywhere since there are so many great reasons for them to continue thriving, considering all the empty retail spaces, not to mention the built-in marketing opportunities for the participating brands. To suggest that they are fading, is a negative angle on a story that proves that pop-up shops have been quite successful (overall), even in this year of uncertainty. There is a glimmer of hope for the idea of retail and a trend worth cultivating. So, I am suggesting that we can live without these doom and gloom articles from WWD, but what do I know?

This must have been a riveting interview.

Hosted events from liquor brands can surely go by the wayside. Looking at the images from the Jose Cuervo Platino Penthouse event in Miami is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl. Can you just hear the interview with Wilmer Valderrama now?

WILMER: Yeah, I’ve been drinking Jose Cuervo for years. It’s great that you have a top shelf version now.
JOSE CUERVO REP: How much do you like the Jose Cuervo Platino?
W: A lot.
JCR: Really? That’s great to hear. How much is a lot?
W: Put it this way, if I was inclined to wear a skirt, it would be over my head.

Can these lovely people be left alone to eat a meal, wear a dress, talk, be human.

Curbing the endless coverage of The Obamas can surely would not be a bad thing. I love them, Michelle more, but I do not need to see every outfit she is wearing, especially when out walking the dog, Bo. Barack‘s endless speech making can just be tapered down a bit, too. With the public opinion polls waning for Obama’s health care and global warming initiatives, can’t he just do some back room dealing like in the good old days when we had the Cold War? I would like to see the Democrats keep their power center, not squander it will idol chit chat in an attempt to woo us. We’ve been wooed, now go woo a few Republicans in your Oval Office and leave us be for a couple of months.

Bethenny Frankel proves that photo-shop can make you look like your daughter.

Not sure where you stand on this, but I could have live happily ever after without seeing the ass of a Real Housewife. If I wanted to see that, I would have gotten married, gay or not. What, like I’d be the only gay man to get married? Shall I make a list of closet cases for you? Let’s ask Carrie Fisher for her take on this.

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