Youth Is Still Wasted On The Young a.k.a. NYC PREP

Jul 4, 2009Breaking Newzzz
These kids are so full of themselves, they need gift bags to hold the rest of their shit.

These kids are so full of themselves, they need gift bags to hold the rest of their shit.

George Bernard Shaw wrote, “Youth Is Wasted On The Young”. And after watching the first couple of episodes of NYC Prep, that expression still holds true…and in the case of these pompous noodniks…in spades. There is a column in the The New York Times Style section about the show, which fails to mention just how incredibly horrendous these kids are. The stark reality of these NYC Prepsters, as is the case with the characters on Gossip Girl, is that they all want to rush through their youth and act like grown-ups. I am from the Peter Pan era where the song “I Won’t Grow Up” was the mantra. That notion continued with Tom Waits’ song, also recorded by the Ramones “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up“, that speaks to the rebelliousness of the Rock ‘n’ Roll youth culture, which seems to have diminished. Now, it’s a whole new ballgame, based on conformity. The kids today want to grow up and embrace the lifestyle and disappointments of adulthood. What the fuck is the rush?  The other thing that is not mentioned in the article or anywhere, for that matter, is how the featured New York City restaurants offer these little brats a wine menu. And in every episode of Gossip Girl , they are out-and-about at a well-known hot spot being served booze. Yoo hoo. It’s illegal. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I am not a goodie-goodie. But to blatantly waft a martini past the yearning eyes of the teenyboppers that watch these shows sets an awfully lame example.

PC...a fitting name for conformist.

PC...a fitting name for a conformist.

Yikes. Already aching to be a schmateh peddler.

Yikes. Already aching to be a schmateh peddler and grandma.

The cast of NYC Prep is a collection of one-is-more-pretentious-than-the- next, wanna-bees. The leader of the pack is PC, a closet case about to emerge. Now, thinking back to Lance Loud from the groundbreaking television show from the 1970’s An America Family, PC could serve as an amazing role model for young gays. It would be very timely to watch the process of coming out of the closet in the same way that Lance Loud did. Instead, we will no doubt get a series of sound bites and surface situations that will never reveal the inner workings of a gay teenager, rather we will see the annoying antics of a horny boy, who will adopt the Wood Allen-ism, “Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.” PC is not quite as annoying as his best friend Jessie, an 18-going-on-40, Jewish American Princess, that was probably cast because she will say anything to be “controversial”…which makes my teeth hurt. She, in all her high school-ness, actually wants to “network” at fashion events. Can you just “D-I-E? I Die. Bananas” to quote Rachel Zoe.)  The rest of the cast are also cringe-worthy, garden variety, heinous, whiny things, whose egos know no bounds. Even the tweeny girl Taylor, who attends public school (Oh, the shame!), just wants to be “in” with the private school set. You poor dear. I mean…what?!?

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