PR Girls…A Case of Yikes

These three people are in the center of a story that is so unimportant in terms of what's meaningful in this world.

These three people are in the center of a story that is so unimportant in terms of what is meaningful in this world.

When Ali (Not-So) Wise, PR girl extraordinaire (at least in her own mind), was arrested for hacking into interior designer, Nina Freudenberger’s privates, it was major, delicious dish. Wise–who clearly does not live up to her moniker–compromised her client Dolce & Gabbana, as they were now thrust into the middle of a seriously distasteful PR scandal…debacle. But, wait one minute, that arrest happened around July 10. And today, July 30, the news is that she has been terminated from her post. Can someone explain to me the 20 day black out here? Were Domenico and Stefano in Fiji, no phones, no Blackberries? What were they thinking? Or not. Where was the swift kick in the ass? Today’s riveting news report on “Miss Not-So Wise” mentions that she was spotted Tweeting at the Pete Yorn concert. That’s enough to single-handedly make Twitter obsolete. Like her followers still give a damn what she has to say? Or where she is? Or what she had for lunch? Or what she thinks is cool? This chick is totally persona non grata (PNG). Yikes girl…Peoria…next stop for you.

Remember this lovely quinella? I mean...

Remember this lovely quinella? Kind of like the Breck Girls, or the Brech Girls, as it were.

Or will this be another case of Lizzie Grubman: attack of the killer Benz only to land her a reality show, a husband and baby. Am I completely out to lunch or am I going about my life the completely wrong way? Should I stuff my chocolate Chihuahua, Woodstock, into a meat grinder and serve it up as pâté at the next High Line fundraiser, become notorious and then my life as a “bad boy” would get off to a great start?

SOCIAL #1: “Look, is that the guy Abe Gurko, who pulled that Sweeny Todd at the Third, First Calvin Klein party on the High Line.”
SOCIAL #2: “Yes, that’s him, he looks great for his age, surely he’s had work done.”
SOCIAL #1: “Let’s invite him to the Costume Institute Gala as our guest.”

The social scene in New York city has the memory of a gnat. Remember how well received Monica Lewinsky was after destroying the reputation of one of our greatest presidents? Of course you don’t. Kidding. Just checking to see if you are paying attention. And Monica was the featured guest at the Vanity Fair Oscar party too boot. Monica was a bi-coastal phenomenon. Jees, I wish I could have spun my past acts of fellatio into a world-wide press sensation before I got to this age where no one gives a hoot what I am doing.

The once notorious Monica Lewinsky.

The once notorious Monica Lewinsky.

There’s a message here to these throng of PR girls that have multiplied like bunnies over the past few, flush years in the lifestyle, fashion and entertainment industries. Guess what? You are not as cool as you used to be…or relevant. The good ones will always be in demand and effective. People with ethics, grace and reference. As for this other crop of bitchy Tweeters and obsessive Blackberry-aholics? Have you considered a career as a life coach? As a know-it-all, you are a natural.

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7 Responses to “PR Girls…A Case of Yikes”

  1. alexandra says:

    you're killing me again!!
    you are so right.
    i witnessed that whole grubman snafu and it was ridonculous
    keep em rollin

  2. Interested says:

    Ali did something not so wise. But she is damn damn good at her job and nothing like a Lizzie Grubman type.
    Perhaps DG did not want her gone so they never wanted to terminate her. She had no choice but to leave because of the PR scandal. Ali is among the most well-connected from way back and does not need a fashion job in PR no less to make her relevant to NY. If anything her life got her these jobs. She grew up here and has been one of those well known well connected girls for a long time like her or not. This was not good and she must deal with it asap.

    (But i do hope we get to hear her side soon. this story has been around for and is so beyond irrelevant. I have never seen or heard of the other people prior to this)

  3. gossiproundup says:

    This is a charge by the NYPD for a crime which is clearly illegal. No one should care who she is or what she does, she should have the same penalties as everyone else. This is not a matter of whether she did her job well or not, totally besides the point. If she did something illegal, let the courts run their due course.

  4. Scot Wais says:

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  5. wow, just quit youtube now.

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