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When that short lived reality show High Society was on television, there was a firestorm of bad press flying around in regards to that cast. Whether it was Tinsley Mortimer or her ex-husband, Paul Johnson Calderon, Jules Kirby or Devorah Rose, they were all lambasted in the media, much for good reason. When it came to Devorah Rose, she could not cut a break, which made her the more sympathetic of the group. Page Six started the Team Devorah vs. Team Tinsley and the color war began. Some people are crowned notorious by the press and never live it down.… Read More »

Manzies and pansies and bears…oh my! New York Fashion Week will never be the same…for several reasons. First off, being a total optimist and in a response to the recent CFDA meeting, I am confident that there will be a shift in tone at the tents as well as at the off-site activities. No, we will never be free of annoying fashionistas, whose moment of fame starts and ends around the shows (listen up PR Girls), but I’m feeling that the intention of the industry is to act as if we are moving through this unusually hard time and that… Read More »

When Ali (Not-So) Wise, PR girl extraordinaire (at least in her own mind), was arrested for hacking into interior designer, Nina Freudenberger’s privates, it was major, delicious dish. Wise–who clearly does not live up to her moniker–compromised her client Dolce & Gabbana, as they were now thrust into the middle of a seriously distasteful PR scandal…debacle. But, wait one minute, that arrest happened around July 10. And today, July 30, the news is that she has been terminated from her post. Can someone explain to me the 20 day black out here? Were Domenico and Stefano in Fiji, no phones,… Read More »