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Feb 12, 2009People We Lerve
My Heros

My Heros

I don’t mean to go on and on about Patsy and Edina but surely you have to agree that what the world needs now is a lot more of them than, let’s say, Michael Phelps or A-Rod. Would someone please tell me why I should call someone that spent his waking hours in the water (avoiding his overbearing mom, no doubt) or an uber-jock who shoots roids (shot, whatever) my hero? Why because sports is such a heroic fete? Captain Sully, absolutely gets my vote as hero extraordinaire along with the drew of Flight 1549. But those other two? Not doing it.

Give me these two broads any day of the week. They lived, they laughed, they knew a great batch of coke, they had it all. And they did it in style…well…with the intention of style. In this topsy-turvy world with the mighty dollar losing its charm and mightiness (I might add), give me two boozy broads who prefer an afternoon of shopping while drunk at Harvey Nicks. Rather than some guy that swims 4 million laps or a lug that runs around a grass diamond having just shtooped Madonna. I mean…what?!?

Girls…here’s to you…’cause you are my heroes. xoxo ABE

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  1. Soope Jones says:

    I couldn't agree with you more Abe. I mean Whaaat…!?! Have an awesome Fashion Week.

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