Happy Birthday, Mr. President

May 6, 2011People We Lerve


Well, it IS my birthday and I am THE President, of I Mean…What?!? anyway. Perhaps I will take the day to reflect on aging, the meaning of life and why it all seems so fleeting. Nah, too depressing. Let me put things in perspective and say that birthdays are like sunshine. Yeesh, too stupid. Let me just wish my fellow May 6th people a Happy Birthday. No, not my Facebook friends. But rather my ‘in-my-own-mind’ BFF’s like George Clooney. Happy Birthday George.


Let's face it, we have no one like Marilyn anymore. Who could sing Happy Birthday to Obama that would live on like this? Mary J Blige? Beyonce? They are great...but no Marilyn.

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  1. […] Speaking of aging, can you believe that Selma Hayek is 45 years old? “I’ll have what she’s having.” The sentiment of that quote meant for Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally applies here. Salma looks amazing and so happy. Then again if I married the guy who runs everything I would be glowing too. Salma just launched her signature beauty products collection with a focus on anti-aging called Nuance Salma Hayeh. The weird bit is that she did the deal with CVS Stores exclusively. Now, I don’t know about you, but CVS and Rite Aid are places that one goes to for toilet paper and deodorant and usually leave the store grumbling because they have the worst staffs ever. Could you even imagine asking someone for help in the Salma Hayek department? That would be a no. Anyhoo, Salma clearly knows what she is doing because she has had quite the life so far and is not stopping anytime soon . Perhaps she can single-handedly make it so that these drug store chain stores, rather than just open a branch on every corner, horrendous lighting and all, can actually address the issue of customer service and a far speedier check out system. […]

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