The Not Best Dressed List – Par Deux

Just when you thought it was safe to step out of your Jimmy Choos, or slip off your Chanel Haute Couture sheath, or girdle your way out of that contraption, yes you Beyonce, or even peel off those teeth-hurting, sugary Marchesa confections (you know my opinion of the word confection as an adjective for a dress) comes the second half of my Not Best Dressed List from the Costume Institute Gala from Monday Night. Of course no one is safe. I am not alone in saying that this year was lackluster. Expectations ran high with Alexander McQueen being the subject of the exhibition. Lord knows, if ever there was a time to pull out the stops and for the archive to be allowed to drift along Fifth Avenue, this was it. Instead, it was fairly sedate and the few exceptions like Christina Ricci seemed over-done because of it. Even Sarah Burton wore an un-McQueeny number that bordered on ghostly. Daphne Guiness‘ turn as performance artist in Barney’s New York window, flailing and slithering around like a wanna-be Martha Graham dancer, seemed pointless. Those interviewed nearby were disappointed that she did not actually get dressed in the window. Clearly, that person needs a life. I am surprised they didn’t pipe in the song, How Much Is That Doggie in The Window? The One With The Black & White Hair.  Well, clearly that doggie is, in fact, for sale. Anyhooo, let me know if you agree with some of the choices.

Confections do come in black.

And most noteably in white. This look is so sweet that it made my teeth hurt. Marchesa, who normally does great stuff was not on point.

And Fergie looked like she was on her way to Leonard's of Great Neck for Little Stevie Shulman's Bar Mitzvah. The proportions are off.

Speaking of Bar Mitzvahs, Elle Fanning (right) looks like she was on her way there too. I liked Dakota's Valentino choice. But oy, the other.

I think this is a little Long Island too, if you must know. It's for that anorexic yenta who can pull off a print only she would have done much higher hair.


Like I said yesterday, just because it says Chanel does not mean it is amazing. Proof positive. I mean, it's OK.

The yellow part of this dress makes me think, eh. I'd like to have seen gray with a silver bag and a little something with the hair. Not too much.

The best part of Julianne Hough's outfit is Ryan Seacrest.

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