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I have avoided commenting on American Idol but couldn’t resist after last nights hullabaloo? What in tarnation was that horeene Kara DioGuardi song? She’s a judge because why? Couldn’t you just see Simon barfing at that song? I sure wish he would have been his usual twitty self with her as he’s been with every contestant since the show began. “Kara, that was self-indulgent nonsense.” With the extensive world-wide attention that this season has garnered due to the Gay vs. Christian debate, I doubt if I could add anything to what has already being said by millions of obsessed fans.… Read More »

Everywhere I turn there’s something big and gay happening in the news. If it isn’t the front page of The New York Times Style section (Adam Lambert), or the New York Post (Martina Navratilova’s Galimony Suit), then it’s in the The Iowa Gazette (What did we just do?). Surely gays are top of mind this season. We are the new black of news stories. It must be an economy-related phenomenon. The last time we were so “on trend” was in the late 70’s when I first moved to New York City and became a club kid at Studio 54. Then… Read More »