Idol Didle-Didle-Didle-Dumb

May 20, 2009People We Lerve

I have avoided commenting on American Idol but couldn’t resist after last nights hullabaloo? What in tarnation was that horeene Kara DioGuardi song? She’s a judge because why? Couldn’t you just see Simon barfing at that song? I sure wish he would have been his usual twitty self with her as he’s been with every contestant since the show began. “Kara, that was self-indulgent nonsense.” With the extensive world-wide attention that this season has garnered due to the Gay vs. Christian debate, I doubt if I could add anything to what has already being said by millions of obsessed fans. I am not an obsessed fan but my sister Vivian Reisman, however, is Adam Lambert’s number one fan…seriously. Look, there is no doubt that Adam is much more dynamic than Kris Allen. But let’s face facts, this is a country where mediocrity rules the roost. And it’s their call, literally and figuratively. Whether it be films, clothes, canned laughter television shows, art, you name it…if it ain’t mediocre, it ain’t happening.

Last night I was with a friend who has produced several amazing films and she was bemoaning that at Cannes, what the film distributors are only interested in are teenage comedies or action flicks. Not that there’s nothing wrong with that, but that palette caters to an audience of dunces. Double back to Adam vs. Kris, we have a contest between your basically above-average, cutie patooty complete with subservient wife against a slick, androgynous, almost mystical creature. No doubt the Christian right (Republicans) gathered in church basements and planned to vote for Kris in force as a way of thumbing their noses at the Democrats for the Barack Obama win. This time it’s personal.

I am not convinced that Adam needs to win. The past male winners have done diddly squat. Velvet Teddy bear? I am vomitting. Taylor Hicks? Fotz. David Cook? Eh. Is this the line of average performers that Adam Lambert wants to emulate? It’s like a boobie prize almost. I see Adam’s global reach far beyond those wanna-bees. So, I don’t really care who wins. It’s been an entertaining season and Kara needs to go away.

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