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There' a theory for everything.

What started out as pure innocent fun–rating chicks on college campuses–has mushroom-clouded into a serious business or more accurately, a massive, mishmash of mass-marketing mush. Sprinkle that with a plethora of celebrities spewing pearls of their newly acquired wisdom leaves us with a mosh-pit of “visual white noise”. Our in-boxes are stuffed with promotional opportunities, must-haves, pictures of C-List celebrities wearing Designer X on a red carpet, and news flashes that feature nothing new.… Read More »

How many times this week have you heard people (be it in the media or around your office) say, “Farrah Fawcett upstaged Ed McMahon’s death, then Michael Jackson upstaged Farrah’s death”. I mean…what?!? Am I crazy or does this sound preposterous. I get how huge a story the Michael Jackson drug overdose is…and the unexpected demise takes over the media coverage. But to say that one person’s death upstages another is such disrespectful nonsense. And one that annoys the shit out of me. First of all, when people “upstage” it’s most likely intentional. Just ask Hollywood legend, Bette Davis who… Read More »

Enough already with this nationwide outcry about AIG, or the way Geitner is handling the economy, the bank bailout, or what the fuck A-Rod is up to (hookers, Madonna, steroids). You’ve all let out some steam, now stop. First of all, if you go back several days on my blog, I was already expressing my anger and even warned AIG staffers to run for the hills for dear life. But after a weekend of mob anger, shriying (screaming in Yiddish) from the mountaintops and plenty of bogus airtime filled with bloviators and Republicans, I say enough is enough. Oh, and… Read More »