Outrage Shmoutrage

Mar 24, 2009Breaking Newzzz

angry-mobjpegEnough already with this nationwide outcry about AIG, or the way Geitner is handling the economy, the bank bailout, or what the fuck A-Rod is up to (hookers, Madonna, steroids). You’ve all let out some steam, now stop. First of all, if you go back several days on my blog, I was already expressing my anger and even warned AIG staffers to run for the hills for dear life. But after a weekend of mob anger, shriying (screaming in Yiddish) from the mountaintops and plenty of bogus airtime filled with bloviators and Republicans, I say enough is enough. Oh, and let’s not forget The New York Times editorial tirade against the Obama Administration. Lord knows they think their shit don’t stink (Judith  Miller). Naturally what is happening here is that the fickle media is using the feeble populists to feed their shrinking market shares. And even more naturally, by fueling the fire of rage, it works. “Let’s tune into that nice Bill O’Reilly and see if he agrees with that wonderful Rush Limbaugh, Maw.” Yikes.

No good will come of extended mob anger. On the contrary, it is counterproductive. Sure, move through your frustration, express your feelings….go take an Intensati class. But to think that by cutting the Administration at the knees or expecting A-Rod to not have extramarital affairs is simply hoping against hope. How about banking on the facts. Athletes will stray, most times with hookers, CEO’s will be overpaid, Wall Streeters will always put the blessed buck uber alles and the American people will always come up with the short end of the stick. It’s not a bad thing. Yes, the truth hurts, but accept it, move forward and live your life a day at a time as a good person and good things will come your way. Like inner piece, like self-love, like true friends and most importantly self-respect. Sound boring? A bit of hooey? No, acting out about things that are completely out of your control is a healthy way to live. I mean…what?

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