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Studio was a rare moment in time. Words don't do it justice.

It was “the only” time, and for sure, the best years of my life. Though it’s still not clear when or how, but at some point, I began running with the Beautiful People (BPs). … Read More »


What to wear when you are coming out of the closet?… Read More »

Prom: Short for promenade, which refers to when guests march around at the beginning of a ball or cotillion. Proms took their cue from the exclusive debutante balls; so what we now refer to and obsess on as Prom is in essence a down-market version of the Crillon Ball of Paris. Teen Prom, Adult Prom, both concepts elude me. Seems as though there is this rising trend in Adult Proms, which they are referring to as Do-Overs. Since I did not go to my high school prom (*see below), I guess there is nothing for me to do-over. And if… Read More »

Stephen Burrows’ collection was great. She showed this beautiful signature column gown that brought me back to 1977, when I first arrived on the scene. Stephen was my first introduction into the scene. My roommate Sal De Falco and he were dating, and I was immediately whooped up into the firestorm that was Stephen Burrows’ World. We were called Burrow-ettes. Stephen would stitch together colorful, little garments for us to wear to Studio 54 or Tea Dance in the Pines…before the muscle heads and crystal queens took it over. It was a fairy tale time in the fashion industry. New… Read More »

Officially, I am taking this long weekend to sit quietly and contemplate my navel. Having been invited to the beach on Long Island, it seemed like a great idea. Several weeks ago I did a piece listing the 12 reasons why I was not gay anymore, homosexual yes, gay no. Surely there are more reasons that I chose to omit from that list, but now, sitting here at the Bay Cafe in Fire Island Pines, the list grows…by the minute. Let me start by saying that I have not been out here to the Pines in over 20 years. My… Read More »