Manzie Sighting At Stephen Burrows

Feb 19, 2010Fashion

Stephen Burrow' stunning column dress.

Stephen Burrows’ collection was great. She showed this beautiful signature column gown that brought me back to 1977, when I first arrived on the scene. Stephen was my first introduction into the scene. My roommate Sal De Falco and he were dating, and I was immediately whooped up into the firestorm that was Stephen Burrows’ World. We were called Burrow-ettes. Stephen would stitch together colorful, little garments for us to wear to Studio 54 or Tea Dance in the Pines…before the muscle heads and crystal queens took it over. It was a fairy tale time in the fashion industry. New York was just coming into its own as and there was an inner circle that was hard to crack. Anyway, let me get out of my head and back to reality. Stephen had pieces that were very must have. The tops were tops. And the panel skirts were adorable.

This blouse was fab...

But what s a fashion presentation without the obligatory Manzie lurking about. Check this out.

This Manzie was wearing his grandmother's beaded jacket that she wore to his father's Bar Mitvah back in the early '70's. It's better on a model. That or he borrowed it from Debbie Reynolds.

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2 responses to “Manzie Sighting At Stephen Burrows”

  1. barry ratoff says:

    hey abe…………..that manzie is wearing a vintage stephen burrows sequined jacket. circa probably around 78-80. xx

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