Steinunn Opens New Atelier In Reykjavik

Dec 11, 2011Fashion

Black will always be the new black with Steinunn. Period. You can color and print all you want, but she is not changing her stripes.

My freind Steinunn just opened an atelier in Reykjavik after a long arduous process of picking up the pieces to resume her fierceness after the country’s financial system crumbled. She is a fighter and mega-talented, having designed for Tom Ford and Calvin Klein. Check out this really cool area of Reykjavik, near the water, that has just been inhabited by several cool designers and artists, one of which is Steinunn. It’s like West Chelsea on ice. Please visit shop.steinunn, her new e-commerce site for an overview of some of her cold weather looks.

A group of designers and artists have opened up ateliers and studios along the water in Reykjevik.

The New York Times says: Steinunn Sigurðardóttir takes inspiration from Iceland’s wilderness (think endless twilights, cloud vaults, and sub-Arctic flora) and specializes in pure, unmixed soft materials like silk and lambswool. The cuts are minimalist yet very feminine and textural with ruffles, bunches, and unexpected uses of fur or tulle. To get a full sense of Steinunn’s rich heritage and aesthetic, watch this clip from the BBC when Steinunn had a retrospective at the Rekjavik Art Museum.

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