Adam Levine…Fashion Victim?!?

Aug 17, 2010Fashion

Adam Levine's new collection is called 222. Now, you tell this ground-breaking or what? Move over Schott and Levi's...Adam is here.

Oh, admit it. You were just sitting there, waiting for Adam Levine from Maroon 5 to announce that he is doing a new clothing line. Right? Chances are you were not a tween and have nothing that you can purchase from Madonna’s Material Girl collection currently at Macy’s. And there was not much by way of smart tailoring at  Jay’s Z‘s or P. Diddy‘s collections that have you rushing to the stores either. And you are not a size 2, so squeezing into Posh Spice’s Victoria Beckham collection is not happening either. And like me, you are still holding on for dear life to see what Sarah Jessica Parker is stitching up for Halston Heritage. So, naturally, until then, you were pondering, “Who should design me a line of clothes that I can sink my teeth into? Oh, yes…Adam Levine.” Because he is such a style icon? Look at this outfit he is sporting above. Schott should just throw in the towel now and Levi’s…well…bye. And look at this Bohemian Bat Girl. Would somebody stick a pin in me…so I can wake up from this celebrity designer nightmare that I have been stuck in for what seems like eternity.

Bat Girl by Adam Levine.

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