Having A Rachel Zoe Moment

Aug 18, 2010Fashion

Rachel and Naomi after the Fashion For Relief: Haiti event.

Literally…I die. I die every time I watch The Rachel Zoe Project because she dies so many times that I die watching her die. Last night, she almost died doing the Naomi Campbell Fashion For Relief: Haiti event. When Rachel pulls Brad, her trusted sidekick, aside after meeting the Haitian male model, forcing a tear saying, “I have a thing about Haitians…they are like the nicest people in the world….it’s like every time I meet a Haitian….I…like…know how sweet and kind they are….I say…are you Haitian…and like they say yes.” Well, I thought I was going to die. Last night’s show portrayed Brad as the only person soliciting all the clothes for the benefit. The people of Haiti could not rest on the laurels of Brad’s maiden voyage working on a fashion show. Though I am sure he did plenty of begging for schmattas, he clearly was not alone. I am sure Kevin Krier was doing plenty of begging, just not for the Bravo cameras.. The drama of not having enough shoes for the fashion show was more than anyone could bare. Talk about dying. But it all came together…as it always does…and Rachel Zoe went back to dying for other things like how amazing Demi Moore looked in that horrendous Marchesa dress for the London premiere of whatever.

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