Golden Globes?!?

Jan 18, 2010Fashion

Not sure where you stand with the results of last night’s Golden Globes, but can we all agree that it is a sad state of affairs if The Hangover and Avatar are the best movies of the year. Best Cash Cows? For sure. But Best Movies? Really? I loved Avatar, was thoroughly entertained. Don’t get me wrong, it was a visual masterpiece. The script was a tad hokie. Was it as moving and gut/heart-wrenching as The Hurt Locker or Precious? I don’t think so. This year is surely an upset for Kathryn Bigelow, who totally deserves to win every award. But Lord Knows, when a guy makes yet another billion dollars on one movie, he is going to be the odds on favorite for Best Director. (James Cameron‘s last film was Titanic, for those of you who have been living under a rock that did not know that.) Monique‘s speech was the highlight of the evening, as was Robert Downey Jr‘s. Anyhoo…some of the fashion moments are worth pointing out. Be it for good or bad…here it goes.

Love Sandra Bullock's dress.

Tina Fey...I Mean...What?!?

Jennifer Garner is just beyond.

A little too birthday cake for my likings.

I happen to really like Courtney Cox's show, Cougartown. And she looks amazing.

I am surprised that Tom Ford did not take this moment to launch his upcoming women's collection on Julianne Moore, rather than turn a blind eye on the big-seemed Balenciaga schmatta.

Jennifer ANiston has got to get a hold of herself. She wears the same dress every event. And (B) she wins the Goldie Hawn Award for least fabric.

Mariah took her invitation to the Golden Globes very literally.

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  1. eleonora says:

    Someone ought to tell Mariah to tone down the Globes look.
    Whether they are real or fake, the Mae West look is really a tad vulgar!! Yipes!!


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