It’s A Kanye

Oct 2, 2011Fashion

Kanye introduces pant-chaps.

Three words that you will never hear on a red carpet. “It’s a Kanye.”

Celebrities. When will they learn, the poor dears.  Have they not seen the list of well-intended, stylish, fixtures from the front row circuit who have tried and failed miserably. OK, Mary Kate and Ashley Olson are an exception to the rule. But then again, they have been in the schmatta business since they were tykes, so they had a chance to beat the celebrity odds.

So, look closely. Is that a detachable bosom cover? So you have the option of just a skirt or a vest-dress or just a vest?

Whoever wears this is looking forward to a wardrobe malfunction.

What season are we in?

Fashion mummy. And if you don't think someone is tripping wearing those shoes... think again.

Again, spring? I don't think so. And that touch of Asian inspired fabric detail on the neck fits into this collection like I am going to the moon.

Whatever. I would love to see which retailers buy this collection... without a personal appearance attached.

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One Response to “It’s A Kanye”

  1. Jaye says:

    With all honesty………… wasnt earth shattering but it didnt suck either. SO?( hand palms face up going up and and down) LOL.

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