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Sep 28, 2011Breaking Newzzz

How is Nancy Grace ever going to walk into a courtroom again without everybody snickering.

I have avoided watching Dancing With The Stars since the show first aired. Having given it a try, I knew that Lawrence Welk and Ed Sullivan had nothing on Tom Bergeron. It seemed that whoever created the show was stuck in a time when family entertainment was so corny that it made your teeth hurt. All the stars, and I use the term loosely here, were desperate enough to do whatever the producers asked them to do, most noticeably, wearing clothes that Gypsy Rose Lee wouldn’t be caught dead in. Last night, as a social experiment, a group of us tuned in and what freaked me out at the initial viewing of the show, still holds true. Seeing Ricki Lake in a one piece spandex ensemble with pink frilly trim proves the point that some actors will do anything for the blessed buck. And to make matters worse, or to add insult to injury, in this case to my eyes, Nancy Grace’s cleavage was jiggling and shaking as she sobbed uncontrollably when the judges said nice things about her performance…and I use that term loosely as well.

I mean...


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